Quick and Inexpensive Kitchen Canister Update

I love those kitchen canisters that have chalkboard paint on them and you can label them with “Coffee, Tea, Sugar and Flour”.   And I’ve even considered buying them but I just couldn’t find the right ones.  We received these canisters as a wedding gift many moons ago and because they were a gift, I’ve had a hard time parting with them, even though one of them is totally cracked, I still can’t say “good-bye”.  

kitchen canisters before










So, today, after dropping my kids off at school I walked into the kitchen and just happened to look at the canisters, and BAM, I had my “ah ha” moment!  Use the ones that I already have to make the look I’ve been wanting.  After all, my set is plain white with stainless lids and they’re the perfect slate for something like this.   I have chalkboard paint, and could have used that, but why bother?  I had some left over black contact paper that Dawn had given me a while back and it just so happened, I had just enough.  So, within minutes, I was able to achieve the look I’ve been wanting, without spending a dime!  Now, that’s my kind of twist! 

 I even decided to throw in the utensil holder too!

I don’t think I need to give you the play by play on how to make these, but just in case you need it, it’s simple.

1) Cut out the shape of contact paper you would like

2) Add them to your canister and rub until the contact paper is totally smooth

3) Write in chalk what you’d each canister to say

4) Stand back and admire them


The absolute best part about the contact paper, is that when this goes out of style (and it will) I can just remove it!  

Do you have any items in your home that could use a quick and easy update???  Tell us about it!

When You Find Something You Love, Buy It, and Think About Where to Put it Later!

I’ve always been a sucker for antiques. I love garage sales, antique and thrift stores. My grandfather was always on the hunt for a good treasure so I’m pretty sure I inherited this from him.  I love finding a little gem that someone else overlooked and taking it home, cleaning up and bringing it back to life. There’s really a number of ways to do that. The easiest, is just using some good old furniture oil. You have no idea what this can do to a piece of furniture. It’s like when you see a plant wilting in the corner because you’ve neglected it for way too long and you finally bring yourself to water the poor thing and within minutes, you see the leaves start to pop back up. It’s just like that! Furniture needs oiling too. Wood gets dry, brittle, and faded. And oil can make the world of difference in bringing it back to life.

So, what do you do when you’re out perusing the thrift stores and you find something you don’t need, at a killer price, but you just can’t leave it there because you see it’s potential and you adore it so much? You tell yourself you’ll find a place for it, SOMEWHERE, and you buy it and worry about the details later!

I am in love with spindle legs on furniture. My daughter’s crib is a Jenny Lind spindle crib. It just shouts “antique” to me. So when I stumbled across this precious little thing at the thrift store, I was taking it, in need of a highchair or not!

I didn’t care for its original walnut finish so I pulled out some of those paint samples my mother in-law gave me. I used the same color on the Beach Cottage Inspired Painted side table I did a few weeks ago. I mixed up my own chalk paint and finished it with wax. And here she is!

So what will I do with her? At first I thought I would sell it, but my kids took a liking to it and I am trying to find a way to incorporate it into their room/s. Here are a few ideas of a ways to use something like this in a non-traditional way.

 Isn’t she precious?  My mother made her many many years ago!   

You can really do this with anything in any part of your home. For instance, I use an inherited dresser from my husband’s grandparents as an entry way table. Ironically, I was searching high and low for one when we inherited this and I thought this would be the perfect place for it.

So when you’re out and about and you find something you absolutely love and you cant live without, buy it. Get it home and start thinking of alternative ways you can use it.  It’s just bound to be a win win!

Have you found any great pieces that you didn’t initially have a home for but then found just the right spot?  Tell us about it!










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