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Fun Halloween Chocolate Dipped Treats

Getting ready for Halloween is always so much fun, with finding or making the right costumes, decorating the house, and making special treats.  I know, I know you’re probably thinking “Who needs more sweets during this time of year?”  Well, it’s not so much about the need for them, as much as it is about the fun in […]


Disappearing Dairy Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookie Bars – With An Autumn Twist

To say we have a sweet tooth is an understatement.  However, being on dairy, soy, and gluten free diets means it is difficult to find desserts that are rich enough to satisfy our intense sugar cravings – sometimes we compare our sugar cravings to drug addicts needing a fix!  Thankfully, the number of delicious and […]

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