Is That A Mercury Glass Pumpkin?

Nope, it’s just a painted pumpkin!  Mercury glass is everywhere you look these days and fall décor is no exception.  Pottery Barn and other home décor stores have plenty of gorgeous mercury glass pumpkins to choose from, but in Simply Tangerine spirit we had to make them ourselves and add a little twist.

As you know, Christine picked up a few pumpkins for us from CVS and we used some of the smaller ones to create faux mercury glass pumpkins.  Since we both have little ones running around and fragile items are a recipe for disaster, we chose to use real pumpkins instead of glass ones!  Broken pumpkin pieces from a real pumpkin may be messy, but it won’t be a Band-Aid moment or leave us sitting in a hospital waiting room for hours.

Get ready, this is a challenging one!

You will need:

A pumpkin(s)

Metallic champagne colored paint 

Foam paint brush


OK, let the fun begin!

Thoroughly wash and dry your pumpkins so the paint will adhere better.

Stick your foam brush in the paint, scrape excess paint off your brush using the side of your paint jar, and then drag it from the top of the pumpkin to the bottom.  Your goal is to apply a thin coat of paint so that some of the orange pumpkin color shows through.  Repeat these steps until your entire pumpkin is painted.  You will want to paint the stem last so that you have something to hold onto while painting the body of your pumpkin.

Let your pumpkin dry and then add any decorative touches you would like.  String a few fake leaves with burlap threads and tie them to your pumpkin.  Or steal a couple from your fall garland and hot glue them around the pumpkin’s stem. 

Now, go wipe the sweat off your brow, kick up your feet, and relax – you worked hard and deserve it!




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