Pumpkin and Spice and Everything Nice – Cool Whip Treats

As you already know, I LOVE pumpkin!  But for some strange reason, I seem to reserve my love for it, for this time of year.  I don’t know why either, because it’s not like you can’t enjoy it all year long.  Maybe it’s my way of keeping it “special”.

With these ingredients available at the store year round, you can make it at anytime.  This simple pumpkin treat really can be whipped up in no time and it requires zero cooking.  Plus it’s so low-cal and it’s perfect if you’re watching that wasteline!  It’s also a perfect recipe for when you’re hosting a party and the last item you need is a flavorful dessert that doesn’t require a lot of work.  However, the end result will look like you put tons of time into it.

But here’s the best part , if you choose to use plastic cups, which I’ve done here, and a plastic spoon,  you don’t even need to wash anything!  Now that’s my kind of entertaining!  But if you ask my friends and family, they would tell you that I always have tons of dishes to clean up regardless.

Here’s what you need:

Cool Whip – thawed (container size to vary depending on how much you need – but it never hurts to have a little extra of this stuff lying around in the fridge or freezer – works great in a pinch when you need a little sweet fix) I love Cool Whip – no imitation brand will do.  I’ve tried them, but there’s something extraordinary about this stuff! (if you don’t love it, or could care less about it, and want to make this prep process even easier – buy a can of whipped cream.

Can of Pumpkin Pie Mix (again size will vary depending on how much you need)

Graham Crackers – (crushed or blended) I use one package when blending them.  When crushing you will need more.  Start with less and then make more if necessary.

Graham Cracker Sticks – (these are purely for decoration – not necessary, but cute and delish!)

Plastic cups – small cocktail style, anything larger will be too much

Okay, let the twist begin!

Lay out your cups and fill the bottoms with some graham cracker crumbs.  There’s no science to this – too much will make it too dry, and too little will not be enough.  So, eyeball it!  You can do it.

Then just start alternating your Cool Whip and pumpkin, layering your ingredients till you get to the top.  You want your last layer to be Cool Whip so keep that in mind.  As a finishing touch, sprinkle a little of the graham cracker crumbs on top.  Then add two to three graham cracker sticks for garnishing!  These sticks should be added close to game time.  If they sit in there too long, they will get soggy.  Wa la!  You’re done!  Now that was easy, wasn’t it?

For a pretty presentation and to make the orange pop, display the cups on a white platter.  It’s a simple treat, yet so devine!

Final Tip:  make sure you snag one of these little gems before they’re all gone!  Otherwise, you might have to wait until next year to have one!





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