Holiday Wreaths with a Twist

It is no secret that my favorite store on Earth is HomeGoods.  Their slogan is: Be Happy!  Well, HomeGoods I have to tell you, you make me very happy!  I love that I can walk into our local store on two consecutive days and find items I did not discover the day before.  Each trip feels like a treasure hunt and it is rare that I don’t find a treasure I want to bring home!  (This can be a problem depending on who you ask.) Not only are the prices usually very reasonable, but it’s easy to find pieces that you don’t see in all of the big box stores.  Can you tell HomeGoods makes me happy?!?!

Last holiday season I found these beautiful crimson hibiscus flower wreaths at our local HomeGoods store and I immediately fell in love with them.

The unexpected use of tropical flowers in a traditional holiday color was so stunning to me that I could not pass them up.  I hung them on our front doors last year and enjoyed them throughout the holiday season.  This year, however, I decided to give them a little something extra.  In Simply Tangerine holiday spirit, I gave them a little twist!

Now, you are going to be very surprised when I tell you this….I added burlap to them!  I know, I know, you never would have guessed!

Burlap ribbon is sold on Amazon and in most craft stores, but I didn’t have any on hand so I just cut some strips from my burlap stockpile.  (Who wants to leave a warm cozy house after a long day and the kids are finally in bed?)  I cut the strips about 2 inches wide and simply wrapped the homemade burlap ribbon around the each wreath.


I love the blend of tropical flowers, traditional holiday color, and the texture of the burlap – I feel like I found a new HomeGoods treasure for just a few pennies!  Once again, HomeGoods has made me very happy!  What do you think of my holiday twist?






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