Letter “B” Monogrammed Wreath

Okay, so maybe sometimes we go overboard with monogramming.  We use it on our doormats, our napkins, our sheets, our towels, you name it, we do it.  Maybe it seems trendy, but when I was a kid in the early 70’s (yes, I’m dating myself) it was in then too!  My former last name was Pian and we had an orange wood “P” hanging on our wall in a very similar style to what you see in Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs catalogs.  It had paintings, pictures, etc…hanging around it.  So, you could say that my love for monogramming started then.  I’ll blame it on my mom, like we do so many other things!  Sorry mom.  I do love you.

The first Christmas in our home, I couldn’t resist the temptation to try to make a monogrammed wreath for our front door.  I had seen this in Ballard Designs catalog and I wanted it, but I wasn’t willing to pay $45 for one, especially when I knew I was quite capable of making one.  Before doing that I looked around for a wreath wired frame in the shape of “B”.  I needed to go online to find that, and I found it here at the Maine Wreath Company, but unfortunately, because it was too close to Christmas, they were all sold out of the “B”.  So, I continued on with my original plan.

I don’t have photos of my first attempts, but let’s just say it wasn’t perfect.  It worked, but the wire was a little too soft and it was a little too weak to hold the weight of the pine branches.  Later the following year, I went on to purchase the “B” from the Maine Wreath Company  for the following Christmas.

Here’s the best way to put this together.  When you go to pick out your tree, ask for the extra cuttings that they cut off at the bottom of the tree.  You will only need a good handleful.  If you don’t get your tree cut, ask for the trimmings from the other trees.  They usually have no problem giving them to you.  They have loads of these and they can’t possibly make that many wreaths with them.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Green floral wire

Letter wreath frame

Pine tree cuttings

Gardening sheers

Ribbon, berries, burlap, pinecones, or other items for adorning your wreath (optional)

Okay, let the fun begin!

Cut your branches with as much greenery as possible and start adding the branches and wrapping with floral wire.  You’ll need little pieces to fill in certain areas, and just keep adding and wrapping with wire.    It’s a process and it takes some manipulating here and there and filling in spots, but it’s extremely easy.  Do this until your frame is covered.  It will be very bushy with pieces going every which way.  You will want pieces sticking out here and there.  I don’t wrap floral wire around every part of the wreath.

Then it’s time to trim this baby!  Get your gardening shears and just start snipping to the shape of your frame.   Afterwards, you can add color, ribbon, pine cones, or whatever!

This wreath can stay all winter long if you spray it with water every now and again.  Once it’s seen its day, remove the old branches and wire and store in the box that it came in.  Till next year, B!






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