Dressing Up Your ChristmasTree With Messages of Peace, Love, and Faith Burlap Ribbon

During this time of year and especially with the events of Sandy Hook Elementary, I think we need to spend more time practicing certain behaviors – to be peaceful, to be loving, and to be faithful.  Therefore, we need more messages to remind us to stop and do this in our lives.  What better way to do that during this holiday season than by dressing up your Christmas tree with these special words.

I saw a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the Pottery Barn catalog.  It had messages of Peach, Love, and Faith on it.  I wanted to do my own version of their messages.  I looked at their’s at the store, and was disastified with the quality.  It didn’t hold the quality and special handmade touch that I love so much!  I wasn’t sure of how to go about this project and I sat on it for a couple of months, until I found burlap ribbon at Michael’s.  I had looked around for wired ribbon that was wide, like the PB one, but I couldn’t really find what I was looking for.  And then I found the burlap ribbon, and the idea of how to make it work, just came to me by accident.

From a previous project that I had done with burlap in the past, I found that the best way to paint words on burlap is by laying your burlap over what you want to paint, and use that as a stencil underneath.  Because burlap has so many holes in it, it’s easy to see right through it.

I first printed these words in Adobe Illustrator and printed them to the size that worked for the ribbon.  Click on them to print yours for free!




Here’s what the font looks like:

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Burlap ribbon

Floral wire

Puffy paint in the color of your choice

Words printed on cardstock

Okay, let the fun begin! 

Lay your ribbon over the word and use some tape to hold it in place.   Then get your puffy paint and start tracing over the word.

Cut the ribbon to the length you want, and let that sit and dry.

Once it’s dry, thread your floral wire in and out of the ribbon until you get to the end.  Then cut!  Do that for the other side as well.  You are now done!

Now go and dress  your tree with those special reminders!!!

May you have a peaceful, loving, and faithful holiday season!






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