Have Yourself a Skinny Little Christmas – Decorated Skinnygirl Bottle Contest

Earlier this week, we learned about a contest that Skinnygirl’s Bethenny Frankel was hosting.  It was to decorate your Skinnygirl bottle for the holidays.  Seeing that Simply Tangerine was founded while sipping Skinnygirl Tangerine Vodka cocktails, it only seemed right that we take part in the contest.  The winners would receive a personal holiday card from yours truly, and she would pin the winning picture to her Pinterest account.  So, of course we just had to enter!

Late last night, we got word that the contest would be closing at 11:59pm PST.  So, what did we do?  We scrambled as fast as we could to come up with an idea that would be cute and catch her attention!   With two kids each, a household to run, and a day job, we hadn’t spent any time thinking about it.

Picture this, it’s after 8 pm and the deadline is rapidly approaching.  Christine is on her phone, standing in the produce section of the grocery store sizing up the limes, cherries, grapes, and tangerines.  Dawn, also on her phone, is rummaging through boxes of Christmas decorations in her freezing attic searching for inspiration.  Of course our ideas came together and we were off and running.  Dawn quickly drove to Christine’s house armed with a box of decorating goods.  Christine immediately cracked open a bottle and mixed up some cocktails of what else?  Skinnygirl Tangerine Vodka!  With nothing but flat soda water on hand (shh, don’t tell Bethenny, I’m sure she’d die if she knew we did that) and some tangerines, we poured over ice, gave a quick stir, and our creative minds went to work!  We were like little elves working feverishly in Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve!  However, I’m sure they don’t use flat soda water in the North Pole!

With limes to make “her” curvy, and an old stocking to create her fuzzy bikini, our mission was complete!

Today, we were excited to learn that we had won!!! Check out our pinned bottle HERE! Thanks, Bethenny!  We love your sense of humor, your drive in life, and your courage to go after your dreams.

Here’s our final creation!  Come on!  We think she’s adorable!  What do you think?

Cheers and Happy Holidays to all!





Bethenny Frankel pinned our bottle on Pinterest!



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4 Responses to “Have Yourself a Skinny Little Christmas – Decorated Skinnygirl Bottle Contest”

  1. Farah says:

    This is amazing! Great job guys!!

  2. Keri says:

    Very cool, girls! Not surprised that you won 🙂



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