Brown Bagging It

Are you looking for a green way to wrap your holiday gifts?  Look no further than your brown paper grocery bag!  The same grocery sacks that you used to cover your school books are great for wrapping gifts!  Who knew?

Every year a group of our girlfriends (love you guys!) get together for the holidays to do a White Elephant gift exchange.  This year my gift to exchange was a cozy blanket, but I didn’t have a box or gift bag that was the right size to wrap it.  While digging through my gift bag stash I came across a couple of Trader Joes grocery sacks.  My brain instantly flashed back to my elementary school textbooks that were covered in the same brown bag grocery sacks and I knew I found a solution.

I whipped out the scissors, cut down the side of one bag, cut out the bottom, and gently pulled the handles away from the main part of the bag.  One grocery sack wasn’t big enough to cover the blanket so I repeated these steps on the second bag and then taped the two pieces of paper together.  I wrapped my gift with the printed side of the bag facing the blanket so that the plain brown paper side faced out.  Next, I tied some jute around the package, tucked a sprig of our Christmas tree under the bow, and added a few red berries that I snipped off my fireplace mantel garland.  Lastly, I added a tag that read, “Warm Wishes XOXO” and I was done!  I love the way it turned out and that the wrapping paper could be recycled once the gift was open.

 Wishing you safe and happy holidays,







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