White Sangria – An Easy and Refreshing Cocktail for Any Event

My husband and I recently attended a beautiful wedding at Villa de Amore – Temecula Vineyards in the hills of Temecula, California.  Temecula is famous for its Wine Country and there are over 40 Wineries spread over its 35,000 acres of beautiful rolling hills.  The best part – it’s only 30 minutes from our home, but you’ll need a driver to get you there or at least, back!

At the event, they were serving up white Sangria.  It was very refreshing and its color was beautiful!  Of course, I had to ask the bartender how it was made so I could try to duplicate it.  It’s the perfect drink for a brunch, wedding shower, or holiday party.  I’m thinking you don’t even need a special event to drink this deliciousness!  But if you do, the best part about it, is its simplicity!


This inspired us to serve some up at our friend’s baby shower! We strung letters on burlap string so everyone knew what it was.  Check back for our post on the whole event and all our special twists! 

Here’s what you’ll need:

White wine  (I’m pretty sure any kind will do – wine lovers don’t discriminate)

Frozen bag of mixed berries – preferably, blueberries and raspberries

Glass pitcher or drink dispenser

Wine or rocks glasses

Ladle (if you’re using a drink dispenser)


Ok, let the fun begin!

Pour the mixed berries into your pitcher or drink dispenser.

Add ice and wine.  If you’re using a drink dispenser this is where your ladle will come into play.

Scoop out some wine and some fruit and serve over ice.

Done!!!! Yes, it was that easy! I’m sure you need a drink now!

Here’s a snapshot of the sun going down in Temecula, CA!   Cheers!


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