Reuse and Recycle – Burlap Monogram Repurposed

You may remember the burlap monograms Christine and I made a few months back to dress up our fall pumpkins – if not, here’s a refresher for you, or you can check it out here.

I was so thrilled with the way the monogram turned out and I loved having it on our porch to greet our guests — it pained me to pack it up with the rest of my fall decor when the time came to get ready for Christmas.  So, I decided to repurpose it!  Like many of you out there, I have a few throw pillows laying around that I have become bored with.  (Um, actually I have more than a few.  They are popping out of cabinets, stuffed behind couches, and smashed under beds.  I swear they jump out at me whenever I open a closet or cabinet door and scream: Pick me! Play with me!  What can I say, I like pillows.  Plus, they are such an easy way to change up a room, and so easy to recover, that it makes it hard for me to get rid of them.)

Given that I enjoyed having the monogram on our front porch, I decided to add it to one of my outdoor throw pillows on the bench by our front door.  I simply added some clear drying fabric glue to perimeter of the burlap and slapped it on the pillow.  Quick and easy – my favorite kind of project!  Now I can enjoy my monogram year-round and I feel like I have a new throw pillow!

 How do you reuse and recycle?  Share it in the comments and link to it if you’ve written about it!





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