An All Year Resolution – TO SAVE MONEY!

This year, when it comes to resolutions, it should be no different from all other years – to save money! Whether it be saving for a rainy day, a special trip, a car, college, or retirement, this can be a fun project and lesson for all family members.

Honestly, I’m definitely guilty of not saving enough money, as I’m sure most of us are. My mother has always been great at saving money and my father, not so much. She’s constantly wondering why her kids didn’t get her “saving” gene. We knew she saved but I don’t recall ever being taught just how to do it. So, I thought it would be fun to do a project that would teach my kids how to save, and maybe in the process, I’d learn how to do it too. The kids already have traditional piggy banks, but dropping money into a little slot on top of a pink pig doesn’t help them understand the true meaning of watching money accumulate. I thought by using a clear glass bottle it would be a perfect way to do that.

There’s no need to run out and purchase a special jar for this project, you can recycle something you already have in your cupboard. We buy organic apple juice that comes in this great glass jug and it’s just perfect for this project! If you have more than one child, make one for each. Just save your bottles after they are empty.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Gallon Glass Beer Jug or apple juice bottle

Chalk paint or chalk contact paper


Frame stencil

Optional item is a tag with each child’s initial to hang around the neck of the bottle.

Ok, let the fun begin!

Remove the label from your bottle. This can be done by running warm water over the label and then scraping it off with a knife. Let dry.

If you have a frame outline you can print, then do so and use that as a stencil to trace on your chalk contact paper. If you don’t have a frame stencil, you can just cut out an oval or square shape. If you are using chalk paint, tape the stencil to your bottle and outline with chalk paint, remove the stencil and paint in the inside of the stencil shape. Let dry three days before writing on it.

Then cut out your shape on the contact paper, peel, and apply to the bottle.

If there is a specific goal that the money is being saved for, this is the perfect opportunity to write the goal on the chalk label. If you’re adding an initial, do that now, as well. I printed a letter, cut it out, punched a hole in it, and used burlap string to attach it to the bottle’s neck.

You’re done! Now go and add some money and start saving!

Do you have any interesting ways that you save at home? Tell us about it.




P.S. Here are my girls working as a team to save together!




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