Aprons – Are You Using Them?

As I was enjoying a salad at my desk, a bit of balsamic dressing splashed up and landed on my shirt! Don’t you hate when that happens? Thanks, Dawn, for turning me on to Tide To Go! And then it dawned on me, no pun intended, that while making my mother’s meatballs, sausage, and sauce last night, somehow I managed to avoid getting any sauce on my clothes. Now, that’s a miracle, because I’m a super clumpsy person.  I shared this with my co-worker, and she encouraged me to start using my aprons.   

And so it got me thinking about all of the aprons that I own. Some were my grandmother’s and real retro from back in the day, others from more recent days, and then the first and only one that I ever made in Home Economics. It’s red and white gingham and a very simple design.

Here’s my challenge to you: break out those cute little aprons that you have, and start using them! If you’re like my friend Holly, you may have gotten one or two or five or six at your wedding shower. Yes, she got five or six (looks like everyone was on the same page that day!). Go find the perfect little spot in or near your kitchen to hang them. Get hunting for one or make your own hanger for them.  A regular old nail just won’t do!

Here’s one that I made. You can find it in our shop. This can be personalized for your kitchen, or someone else’s. Mine says “Never too many cooks in this kitchen!”  Because let’s be honest, with a husband that gets home at 7:00pm and two small kids, I’m pretty much the only cook in my kitchen.  Wouldn’t it be fab if you had more people whipping you up meals?  I think so! 

By hanging them, you’ll be reminded to reach for one before you start boiling the water. And even if you can’t find a real purpose for them, (like cooking) if anything, they’ll look super cute displayed on your wall and all your friends will think you’re a real chef! Now, go get them out of the drawer, set your iron to cotton/steam to pretty them up a bit, hang them, and lastly, take one for a really good spin! Maybe some spaghetti and meatballs?

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This gets me daydreaming a bit about my grandmother’s old kitchen in The Bronx. What was she cooking up in those aprons? I wonder if it was those delicious meatballs, sausage, and sauce.  Hmmm?

If you’re looking for an authentic marinara sauce, with meatballs and sausage recipe, check back to see how I make my mother’s.  It’s not just the ingredients, but it’s the special twists that she does that make it just right!

Happy Cooking!!!






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  1. Joan says:

    Nice read 🙂 Love the hanger!



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