Oh, Old Curtain Rods, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways…

Do you have an old curtain rod, or two, laying around?  Maybe you moved recently (or several years ago) and you have an old rod that isn’t the right size for your new windows or just doesn’t work with your new look?  If you are like me, you hung onto that rod thinking that you might be able to use it somehow, some way.  Well, the time has finally come for you to put that old rod to work for you!

My extremely talented cousin gave me the idea of hanging my kid’s artwork on a piece of laundry line with some clothes pins in our laundry room (great idea, right? Love ya cousin!), but then I discovered Pinterest and saw several pins where people had used a curtain rod with curtain clips to hang their kids artwork.  Genius!  I loved the idea and knew it was the perfect solution for our laundry room since I already had all of the supplies I needed on hand.  It took little time to hang it and even less time to fill it with artwork.

Christine added her own twist to the idea as you can see here.  With twine, two thumbtacks and some clothes pins, she instantly had an art display!

Having a dedicated (and limited) space for artwork means less clutter and I let my kids decide what stays and what gets tossed.  I’m with my Time is Money Mommy friend Keri, not all scribbles need to be saved!  (If you are looking for some good tips on organizing or ways to save time and/or money, check out her blog!) Giving my kids the choice of what to keep, what to toss and when, not only gives them a sense of control, but I hope it will teach them an important lesson on decision making.

This idea got me thinking that displaying artwork was not the only clever way to use a curtain rod that would otherwise be collecting dust in a closet or attic.  You can also use them to give you easy access to wrapping paper or organize ribbon.  You could hang several rods on the wall and let your paper and ribbon substitute for colorful art work in a craft room.


Or, what about using them in a laundry room to hang clothes that need to be air dried – curtain rods are usually much more attractive than your typical clothes drying rack, although you couldn’t use it for items that needed to be dried flat.  (Be sure to secure it to the wall properly though, wet clothes are heavy!)

For now I will stick with using my unused curtain rods to display my kids masterpieces, but when I have a dedicated work space of my own, and my kids are older, I will use them to organize wrapping paper and spools of ribbon — there are too many little hands that would have way too much fun unrolling anything on them right now!


How have you used household items in nontraditional ways?  We want to hear about – tell us in the comments section!






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