“Quilted” Patchwork Monogram for Nursery

As you know, Christine and I recently hosted a baby shower for a friend of ours before her gorgeous baby boy was born.  (For all the details on the shower click here.)  While brainstorming for ways to decorate, I spied these really cute patchwork fabric letters in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and decided I was going to attempt to recreate one for her – with my own little twist, of course!  I wanted her to not only have a special memento from the shower, but also have something that she could put in the baby’s nursery (and hopefully serve as a reminder of how loved she is during those sleep deprived, covered in spit up, I could cry at the drop of a hat moments during the first days months after giving birth) and thought this was the ticket.  Plus, the letters aren’t even sold by Pottery Barn Kids, so I knew I would have to make it myself.

Here’s what you will need:

Paper Mache/Cardboard letter

Coordinating scrapbook paper in different colors and patterns (I used colors that I knew would coordinate with the freshly painted nursery.)

Paper trimmer

Modge Podge (I used the matte finish)

Paint brush

Xacto Knife


OK, let the fun begin!

First, decide what order you would like your paper “patches” to be in so your monogram has some cohesiveness.  For example, I decided that I liked the blue stripe and the green gingham patterns next to each other and that I liked the combination of those two patterns next to the dinosaur print. 

Next, cut your paper to create patches.  The size you choose is entirely up to you!  I primarily used 3 inch patches, but made modifications for curved areas.  Really, there is no wrong way to do this — it is simply what appeals to your eye.  I started in the upper left hand corner and applied my patches in a counterclockwise motion until I reached my starting point.  To apply your paper patches, simply paint Mod Podge directly on to your letter and then place your paper over that, pressing out any wrinkles and air bubbles.

Once you have covered your letter, let it dry completely and trim any excess paper off with your Xacto knife.  Then apply a top coat of Mod Podge according to the directions on the bottle to seal everything and protect your work.

And there you have it!  This was my first attempt at decoupage and the project certainly didn’t turn out perfectly, but it was made with love and that is “perfect” in my book.

What have you created using decoupage?  Let me about it!



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2 Responses to ““Quilted” Patchwork Monogram for Nursery”

  1. kevin says:

    this is actually a really cute idea! last summer i covered two cardboard letters in clear rhinestones for a wedding (the bride and groom’s initials) and it was a huge hit!



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