A Rustic Hand Painted Surname Plaque

Last May I was in Tavira, Portugal attending my best friend’s wedding.  The two met in high school many years earlier.  And thanks to Facebook, they reconnected and began a very long distance relationship.  She in San Diego, and him in Amsterdam.  With the help of technology and Skype, they were able to make it work!

The week of their wedding was very rainy and they had to change the location to something indoors.  Throughout the week, I didn’t see an ounce of stress from my friend.  But after all, when you’re marrying the man of your dreams in a place like this, who really cares.  You could be getting married in a cardboard box, and just as long as there’s a dance floor, we’re all good!

While there, we were able to view the beautiful land the couple had purchased to build their future home on.  It overlooks the sea.  I wanted to give them a plaque with their last name and the year they were established.  I was going to order something at first, but then I decided to make something instead.  Surprised?  I didn’t think so!

I couldn’t think of a better time to make this sign as their home building process is finally underway.  Although the house will not be completed, they plan to move to Portugal in July of this year.

This is the beach in Tavira.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  We had to take a boat ride to get here.  Because it wasn’t peak season, nothing was open.  However, because my friend’s knew the owner of one of the restaurant/bars, they made an exception for us.  But while soaking up a little sun, the skies opened up and we all had to quickly run for shelter. We had the most amazing day drinking and drying up in the bar and getting to know all of the guests that had come to celebrate this wonderful event.

This gift isn’t just a sign that will go on the inside or outside of their home, it means more than that.  This home represents new beginnings and a place of happiness.  A place where memories will be built, laughter will be heard, love will be given and taken, and warmth will be felt.   My friend has seen many hard times in her past, and this marriage is a well deserved gift from God.  They’re a perfect match!

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I wish nothing but love and happiness for them both!  And I look forward to seeing their new home sometime in 2014.

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