Painted Furniture – The Rooms That Inspired Me

I was looking at Joss & Main and they happened to be selling a dresser that reminded me of one of the dressers I have in my bedroom.  Theirs was much more expensive and nicer than mine was.  Mine was a hand me down and FREE (you can’t beat that!).  It’s been in our family for as long as I can remember.  I did a post about the furniture and the room that inspired me on my first blog, Christine Inspired and I thought I’d share it with you.

Before my husband and I bought our home, we were renting a house. The master had a huge built in closet that took up the length of the room. Therefore, we didn’t need dressers. Prior to living there we had only had the one hand me down dresser that I had put into our guest room.  However, when we were buying our home, which took 5 months because we purchased a short sale, I had time to think about our furniture needs for our master. We had no furniture. Okay, if you consider two IKEA night stands as “furniture”, we had them. But we didn’t have dressers or built in’s in our new home.  Most of our money was going toward our down payment. I wasn’t about to live without furniture and wasn’t going to purchase a new set either. Personally, I like the eclectic look anyway, where things don’t necessarily go together. So piecing something together was right up my alley. And we didn’t really have a choice unless I wanted to wait till we could afford something new.

Here are the two rooms that inspired me!

These were my inspiration pieces – Martha Stewart Furniture Collection


In our garage we had an old beat up dresser that I picked up for $25 at a garage sale and made my husband drag home. Literally! No kidding! We had no truck and the garage sale was on our street but like a quarter to a half a mile away. So, of course I insisted that we carry it. Let’s just say he wasn’t happy with me that day. He’s certainly happy now, because he has a place to put his socks, but then, not so much! Anyway, this bad boy needed lots of TLC and I’m not sure I even knew why I thought to take it home. I think there is something about a garage saler’s mentality that makes them buy crap. I don’t have a photo of what it looked like because I wasn’t thinking that I would need one, although it would have been great for a “Before” and “After” whether for this post or just to have.  This isn’t it, but it looked something like this which I found on Young House Love.

Although it didn’t look exactly like this, you get the idea! I can tell you the top was a bit warped. It had stuff peeling off of it, which looked a little like newspaper.  It definitely needed some sanding on the top, so I did.

For a second dresser, because our room was large, I inherited a cherry stained dresser from my friend who was moving out of the country and not taking furniture with her.  It was a nice enough dresser, but I wanted to change it up.

I hate to sand furniture. It’s grueling! And let’s be honest, it’s pretty darn messy too. So, along with my childhood dresser, the garage sale dresser, the inherited dresser, and my two night stands, I removed the handles, and painted them black.  For in depth details, I found some great advice from Just A Girl.  I used all the same products that she suggested.

TSP (to degloss the furniture)

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer

Benjamin Moore Iron Clad Metal & Wood Latex Enamel (I had to go to a specialty paint store to purchase this)

Paint Rollers (smooth – non fuzzy one)

Rust-Oleum Silver Spray Paint – for the handles of the childhood dresser

Dawn also has details on how she painted furniture:  One Woman’s Trash is Another Woman’s Treasure – The Tale of a Bookcase Transformed

Inherited dresser from my friend

 $25 garage sale find

Home Depot knobs.  They were $5 a pop, but they were what the dressers needed to give it the look I was going for.

Childhood dresser

Our IKEA night stands had a place here too!

Finished Master Bedroom

I picked up the bench at the bottom of the bed at a thrift store years ago and recovered the cushion to match the old peach 1980’s headboard that my in-laws passed down to us.  I gave the headboard back to them when we moved and purchased this bed instead.  The wrought iron was a maroon copper color and I kept that color until I chose to do black furniture, then I spray painted it black to match.

Wall color – Benjamin Moore Paint – Glass Slipper (light blue)

Curtains – IKEA (2 panels per package)

Call me cheap, but even the picture of the Poppy on the wall was a resale item I picked up at a consignment store.  I do think that a rectangle shaped picture would fit nicer above the bed, but when I saw this and the colors went so well with my decor, I had to buy it.

See what you can do with a little creativity!  SIDE NOTE:  I was five months pregnant when I did this!  I’m not sure if working around that belly was talent, or just plain nuts!

I’m not going to lie, a little piece of me was and still is tempted to go back over the edges of the furniture with a sander and make it look a little more rustic.  But I put too much blood, sweat, and tears into this to go and do such a thing.  If it didn’t work, I don’t know that I’d have the time or energy to go back and fix it.  So, for now, it’ll stay this way!

Do you have any pieces you’d like to share with us?  Tell us about them and share a photo!

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