Spring Is In the Air and There Are Blossoms Everywhere!

Spring is definitely in the air – there are baby birds chirping during the day, frogs singing at night, and lizards scatter with every step we take in our backyard.  Everything just feels alive!  I love it! 

One thing I particularly love about spring is blossoms.  We have an apple tree in our yard and the blossoms on it are absolutely gorgeous right now.  













I have always had a soft spot for blossoms, so it isn’t a surprise that I found a way to incorporate them into my daughter’s room.  The wall behind her crib has a Giant Tree wall decal on it and while I loved it the way it was, I was inspired to add some blossoms to it.  

Since the blossoms would be going above her crib, I knew I needed something light weight and tissue paper was the first thing that popped in my mind.  Rather than reinventing the wheel, I did a little bit of research and found a tutorial at Practically Functional (Thanks Jessi!) on how to create tissue paper blossoms, but of course I had to give them my own little twist!

Here is what you will need:

Mulberry Tissue Paper in 1 or more colors (this is where I gave this idea a twist – you can use regular tissue paper, but Mulberry Tissue Paper is a little thicker and has much more texture.)



Hot glue gun and glue sticks

OK, let the fun begin!

First, draw a flower petal outline on some cardstock (I used a piece of junk mail) and cut out your blossom template.  Next, trace the blossom outline onto the mulberry paper and cut out your blossom petals.  I used two different colors of tissue paper to give the blossoms some variance and a more realistic feel.  

Next, place a tiny dot of hot glue in the center of one blossom cutout and place another cutout in a different color on top of it.  Make sure the petals aren’t lined up with each other so your flower is nice and full.  Then place another tiny dot of hot glue in the center of the top blossom cutout and pinch the center together from the back.  The more you pinch, the more closed your blossom will be.  I wanted mine full and open so I only pinched very slightly.  

Voila!  You now have a paper blossom!

However, once I had the blossoms finished, I wasn’t sure how to attach them to the wall. This is the part where you probably do not want to do what I do – I used hot glue.  ACK!  I’m sure many of you are cringing at this decision, and I’m sure I will be regretting it once the time comes to take the blossoms down and repair the wall damage, but at least I know they won’t be falling into my daughter’s crib!  

Despite the future wall repairs, I’m really loving the way this turned out.  What do you think? How will you attach your blossoms to your wall?


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2 Responses to “Spring Is In the Air and There Are Blossoms Everywhere!”

  1. So cute! Those look great, and what a fun idea to put them on the wall like that!



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