Easter Egg Tree – It’s as Easy as One, Two, Three!

I’m not one for decorating my home for every holiday.  However, with kids, it’s fun to do a little something.  Up until a week ago, I honestly did not have any Easter decorations and I wasn’t really planning to do any decorating, but this was something that just happened.  After my trip to the “secret nursery” a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to get some new pots.  And I went to the most logical and least expensive place that I know for cute and colorful pots – Marshall’s!  I do love me some Marshall’s.  Ask me who my best friend is.  That’s right, Marshall’s! Dawn loves HomeGoods!  Me, Marshall’s!  Coincidence that they are owned by the same company?  I think not!  

Anyway, while at Marshall’s, I found some colorful rustic pots in different sizes.  So, I picked up a turquoise, yellow, and an orange one.  I also saw some cute little egg ornaments, and grabbed those too.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the eggs at the time.  But while pulling into my garage that evening, it dawned on me.  I had three tree branches that I had picked up during Christmas time that I had a vision for, but had never happened.  But now they were going to come in handy!  See, I save things for a reason.  My husband definitely doesn’t understand it, but that’s another story!

With the branches, the egg ornaments, and one of my new pots,  I decided to make an egg ornament tree and I could have the kids help me too.  I love to bring them into these types of projects.  I already had all of the other supplies that I’ve listed below.  So, this project was really a no brainer, and what was I going to do with those eggs anyway?  I needed to hang them off of something, right?  

What you’ll need:

Spanish Moss 

Plant pot – I chose the yellow one.  

Egg ornaments – 1-2 dozen (this will vary depending on the size of your tree)

Tree branches 

Artificial Butterflies

Old magazine pages 

Rubber band 

Glue gun

Ok, let the fun begin!

1) First, I grabbed my tree branches and began trimming them down to the right size and shape.  Leaving enough branches in the right places for hanging eggs.

2) Then I tied them together with twine, but that wasn’t strong enough to hold them together, so I used a good thick rubber band.  That worked!

3) I crumpled together a few pages from a magazine and stuffed them in the bottom of the pot. 

4) Then I made a well in the center of the pages for my branches.  When I got it just right, I took my glue gun and put a nice dollop at the bottom and stuck it in the well.  Then I added a little glue around the sides of the branches to make sure it held straight. 

5) Then I added the moss all around the top to cover the magazine pages.  

6)  If you haven’t lost the children’s interest by now, call them in and have them hang the eggs!  Let them add the butterflies too!  They loved this part.

7) Lastly, find the perfect place for it and your project is complete!

By no means is this a masterpiece, but rather a quick and easy festive piece that incorporated the kids!  I like that I’ve been a part of building a memory with them and that’s what I was aiming for here! 

P.S. Because I was feeling so festive, I decided to attempt to make bunny cake pops.  I only go to Bakerella for all of my cake pop advice!  She’s a genius!  I added some fake grass to a terracotta pot and stuck him in the center!  I think he’s kind of cute!  My daughter keeps asking me when she can eat him!  🙁

Happy Easter!!! 






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