It’s Some Bunny’s Birthday!

It was my daughter’s birthday recently and with Easter right around the corner, it was a no brainer to do a bunny and spring theme party in pastel colors. Are you ready to see all of the details?  I hope so!  

Let’s start with the most important part of the party – FOOD!

For dessert there were handcrafted bunny cookies, individual bundt carrot cake “nests” with eggs on a bed of “grass” (coconut dyed green with food coloring), and Cadbury mini eggs and jelly beans in flower petal mini muffin liners.  The table cloth for the dessert table was fake grass outdoor carpet and white garden picket fence was propped up behind it as a backdrop.  (Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the grass and picket fence, but use your imagination – it was CUTE!) 









Individual bags of bunny crackers in a bowl served as a table centerpiece and way to keep both kids and adults alike happy until the main meal was ready.

Egg hunt

In the spirit of Easter, we did an egg hunt and the kids had a great time collecting eggs! Instead of doing traditional goodie bags for the kids, each child received a bunny bucket topped with bunny glasses and filled with trinkets like “bunny bubbles”, sidewalk chalk in the shape of an egg, and other miscellaneous party favors.  The buckets not only held the party favors, but they were also used to collect eggs during the egg hunt.  (And hopefully could be reused later at the sandbox or beach.)

Bunny Bubbles

My son and I had a great time transforming “wedding bubbles” into “bunny bubbles.”  We glued on google eyes, ears cut from foam sheets, pink puffy noses, and white tails.  Then we painted on mouths with some black puffy paint and tied a pink ribbon around the neck to top it off. 


This Happy Birthday banner is a great example that a custom look does not mean you have to make everything from scratch.  I found a banner made with glittery letters in spring colors, which made it a great match for the party, but the letters were originally attached to a silver fringed background that did not go with the theme at all.  (Think disco cowboy – not cute).  So, I simply detached the letters from the store-bought background and stapled (yes, stapled) them to an inexpensive piece of ribbon.  For very little effort and money, I gave my daughter a “custom” banner. (The banner certainly isn’t a work of art, but you get the idea.)

I strung glittery Styrofoam eggs on some ribbon and used it as decorative garland.  Other glittery Styrofoam eggs were attached to wooden skewers used to create a potted “egg plant.”

Last, but not least, pink tissue paper pom poms that Christine made for my daughter’s baby shower were reused at the party and added a bit of sentiment.  

The bunny theme party was a blast and we were able to use most of the decorations again for Easter – gotta love two for one decorations!  What spring or Easter themed crafts have you done this season?  Tell me about it!  I want to hear….really, I do!


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