An All-Star Bulletin Board

Since yesterday was baseball’s Opening Day, I thought it would be the perfect time to start sharing how I decorated my son’s “big boy” room.  I say start because I have lots to show you! 

First up to bat is the bulletin board I created for his room.  Years and years ago my mom and I took a model home tour just for the fun of it and we came across a sports themed room where the designer had used a galvanized chain link gate as a headboard.  Such a cute, unique, and inexpensive way to anchor a bed!  At the time, I was childless, but I loved the idea so much that I stored it away in my brain for a later date.  When the time came to design my son’s new room I knew I had to incorporate a chain link gate, but I didn’t need a headboard and I didn’t want to use it the same exact way I had seen it already done.  So, I gave the idea a twist and created a one of a kind bulletin board. 























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This project was a home run in my book!  Do you want one of your own?  Don’t fret – there is one available in our shop!

SIDE NOTE: When I started decorating my son’s room, he was into every type of ball you could think of, so it was only natural to do an All Star theme.  However, at the present time, he is completely 100% OBSESSED with trains.  Go figure!  






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4 Responses to “An All-Star Bulletin Board”

  1. Keri says:

    You know I love this since we have a ball-themed room in our house, too. The good thing is boys will always love sports, but their other interests will come and go. Six months ago Clay was obsessed with Cars, now he’s getting into superheroes. Kids are fickle!

  2. […] that for her son’s room to organize his school papers and sports schedules.  The bulletin board I made for my son’s All Star Room just wasn’t the right size for her space, so I […]

  3. Rachel says:

    Great idea! And it looks great, too!



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