Rolling Out The Carpet for an Outdoor Living Space

A couple of weekends ago, I did that thing we all do right around this time of year, Spring cleaning! My goal was to get my husband’s car back into the garage, next to mine. He stopped parking in there because it was getting too cluttered and it was bothering him, so he just opted out.  I spent all day cleaning up and throwing things away and when I was done, I parked that puppy in there.  Yippee!!!  He was happy and I was proud. 

While cleaning things out, I came across an indoor/outdoor rug that I picked up from Home Depot at the end of last summer.  I couldn’t pass it up because it was marked down from $69 to $34 and I really wanted one for my side courtyard area.  It just happened to be the right color too!  Score! I left it wrapped in plastic in the garage and decided to save it for this Spring when I could roll it out and set up the space again for the warm summer nights!  Too bad it’s cold at night in San Diego. Oh well. A girl can dream, right?

So, I swept up out there, rolled out the rug, moved some colorful potted plants around, and then hung these little colorful lanterns I picked up last year at Big Lots. They were just my colors, orange and turquoise, and super inexpensive. I added tea lights to them, strung them with clear fishing line and added a thumb tack to hang them from the arbor.  I picked up some café lights at Bed Bath and Beyond and strung them back and forth from the arbor to the house.  They all add the perfect mood lighting!

I then put the cushions back on the furniture, added some colorful throw pillows, and just stood back and admired, and admired, and admired the space!  Then my two little nuggets came around with their dirty little feets and wanted to enjoy the fun!  Oh well, that’s what washing machines are for, right?



It doesn’t matter if you rent or own your home, if you have an outdoor space, you should be enjoying it!  Everybody needs a place to relax and read a book or enjoy some wine and cheese with friends.  If you’ve been thinking about setting up your outdoor living space, don’t hesitate, get out there and do it.   Head over to Marshall’s and pick up some outdoor accessories.  Or check out some of these pieces online that can be yours with just one click: 

 The perfect 4-piece set!

 Roll out a colorful rug!

Throw on some pillows!

Light up the space with a couple of  lanterns and string some cafe lights too!

Then open up a nice bottle of bubbly and sit back and relax in your new outdoor living space! 

How are you sprucing up your outdoor space?  Tell us about it!



Becky Harris at has featured this in her  “Show Us Your Patio: Patio of the Week”.


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