Pinsperation – What Christine’s Pinning Now

Pinning!  Ever find yourself getting really sucked into Pinterest when you meander over there?  You could literally stay there for days!  I’m sure I’ve wasted some precious time doing it.  These days I try to multi-task when I do.  iPad in hand, while watching some senseless reality TV!  It’s like killing two birds with one stone!  Now if only I could do that with laundry and dishes(ah, daydreaming!).

Here are some things I’m pinning now.

I have loads of windows in my house.  I have window treatments on all of them, but in my dining room and living room I have mini blinds (not pretty).  They’re bending here and there and I am planning to change them out and add something like this.  And I LOVE linen.  To cut costs, I’m considering doing them myself.  I’ve found loads of tutorials on how to turn my old mini blinds into Roman shades.  It’s on my list of things to do.    


I love the color combination of the door and the flower covered wall.  Mint just happens to be the color of the season too.


One of the first pieces of “new” furniture I ever bought for myself was an unfinished pine Armoire. I’ve had this fantasy of painting it a rustic blue, FOREVER.  Now if only I could convince my husband to take it down to the garage for me.  Now I’m dreaming!


Nothing says “romance” like pink Peonies.  I love pink flowers – they were one of my wedding colors.  Can you spell “love” with a capital L?


I first became attracted to the sunburst mirrors a few years ago when I was looking at ideas of how to decorate my bedroom.  This photo is something similar to what I saw.  I have yet to buy one, but on a walk with my girls recently, we collected loads of sticks.  I plan to spray them gold and make a one of these mirrors myself.  Seems like everybody’s doing it!   

We have a loft in our home that we’ve turned into a playroom for the kids.  Obviously, it doesn’t have a door, but rather a big opening.  I have a bit of a beach theme going on in there.  I added some long curtains in the opening to give it some privacy and close off the mess, and I thought this would be a cute idea for a tie back.  

See what pinning can do?  It’s not just about ideas, but it’s also about inspiring you to get out there to be creative too!  

Check out our Pinterest site for more great ideas.  But don’t spend too much time over there!!!





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