Sprucing Up An Outdoor Living Space – Part Deux

I have a To-Do list for my house that has about a million items on it and I have to tell you that sprucing up the balcony off my master bedroom wasn’t even ON the list and I am a list person!  That balcony may as well have not even existed, that is how much it wasn’t a priority.  However, between Christine’s post on sprucing up her outdoor living space, the chairs I found at the flea market, and just the feeling of spring in the air, a fire was lit to revamp the space and there was no stopping me!

Here is what the space looked like before:













Not very inviting right?

After finding the chairs, the first thing I did was find an outdoor rug that I thought would coordinate.  I found this one at Cost Plus World Market – of course I loved the tangerine accent color! 

Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World Market

I’m a big fan of Cost Plus, especially this time of year with all of their colorful outdoor items.  Our friend Keri (Time is Money Mommy) is also a big fan – check out how she made over her outdoor living space with items from Cost Plus.  GORGEOUS, right? 

Time Is Money Mommy

After finding the rug, I gave some old pots a makeover.  I had a number of hand me down pots on the side of my house that were in good condition, but not exactly my style.  My husband had been on me for quite some time to get rid of them, but I just couldn’t.  There was nothing wrong with them and have you seen the price of new pots?!?!  I finally put them to good use with this balcony project and gave them a makeover of their own by painting them.  (I used the same method that I do with furniture I paint – you can find more details about my painting process here.) 

Here’s a before and after shot of one of the pots: 


Now, I have never painted pots before so I’m not sure how well the paint job will hold up since they will be outside, but I wanted them to feel weathered and worn anyway.  So, if the paint starts to chip, fine by me!  More patina!

After I painted my pots, I enlisted Christine’s mother-in-law to help me find some flowers at her super secret nursery to bring some color to the space.  She picked out the most amazing flowers for me – thank you, D.B.!  You are so wonderful! 

 After I was done potting the flowers, I went on a wild goose chase looking for the right pillows to coordinate with the rug.  Name a store that sells outdoor pillows and I went there looking for some.  After wasting lots of time and gas and coming up empty handed, I had a smack-yourself-in-the-forehead moment…guess where I forgot to look?  That’s right – COST PLUS!  I hurried my bum over there and of course they had the perfect pillows!  Why wouldn’t they? What a ding dong, right?  

In my defense, my kids were having a melt down when I originally found the rug, so I didnt/couldn’t spend any time looking for pillows that coordinated with the rug.  Somehow my brain thought that I had already looked there.  Oh well, I think I love the pillows even more now since I am certain there isn’t something better out there.

During my hunt for coordinating outdoor pillows, I found this amazing table at one of my other favorite stores, HomeGoods.  I absolutely love it!  The top detaches from the legs so it acts as a tray as well as a tabletop.  I simply bring the tray to the kitchen, load up whatever I want to eat and drink, and bring everything back to the balcony in one trip!  YAY!  I can either put the tray back on the legs if I’m sitting in a chair and want a traditional tabletop, or, if I am having a “picnic” with my kids, the tray goes on the floor and now it is kid friendly. 

The last thing I wanted to add to the space was outdoor globe lights.  I have a supreme love of white outdoor lights – they make me HAPPY and remind me of the place my husband and I got married.  I really wanted to string them overhead, but had nothing to attach them to.  What is a girl to do when she really wants something that doesn’t exist?!?!  That’s right – you build it!!!!! 

I wont bore you with the details of how I built the structure since it is unique to my balcony, but basically I secured a couple of posts to each end of the balcony and strung wire between them.  Now I had something to attach the globe lights to and was able to create a light “canopy”.  

The lights bring great ambiance to the space, but also A LOT of bugs…eewww!  I think I will have to keep the light use to a minimum during the warm months unless anyone has any suggestions for me.  I tried lighting citronella candles, but unfortunately they didn’t do the trick.  Anyone have any other ideas?

Despite the bugs, the space turned out better than I imagined.  It is so relaxing and inviting that I find myself making excuses to go sit up there – just the thought of the space brings a smile to my face. 


What spring sprucing have you done? 



P.S. Are you drooling over the pizza in the photo?  Don’t worry, I’ll share the recipe with you soon!

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  1. Keri says:

    Looks great, Dawn! Thanks for posting my pic too, now I need to get moving on my plants!



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