Many More Uses For Spray Paint – Fire Pit Fix Up

We have a built in fire pit that was rigged with a gas line, but the line is flooded, and the only way to fix it is by ripping up the concrete surrounding it.  Not!  So, instead, there is a fire pit within the fire pit – one that you buy at any home store.  The one that is in there now, has been there since we moved in, about 3 years ago.  Over time, the environmental elements have taken their toll on it and it’s become rusted and the screen top, dented.   Early this spring I did as all people do, clean up.  And I considered buying a new one.  But then the feeling past, and I just left it.  While purchasing some goods at Lowe’s, I found the perfect spray paint for it and decided to give it a quick pick me up. 










First, I removed the fire pit from the built in fire pit and cleaned the inside out with a broom and dust pan. 


I then scraped the rust off of the interior fire pit.  I hosed down all of the components with water and let it dry in the sun.   

I didn’t sand the inside, and I probably should have.  Lesson learned!  The instructions of the paint say to, but I did not.  

Then I sprayed both the top and the bottom, but not the stand as it was in good condition.  I let it dry and went back over all of the parts that needed more paint.  

Wa la!  Just like new – almost!  I’m always so blown away by what spray paint can do!  Stay tuned for my next spray paint project!

What have you made “like new” with spray paint?  Tell us about it!








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2 Responses to “Many More Uses For Spray Paint – Fire Pit Fix Up”

  1. Keri says:

    I love spray paint and all Rustoleum products! I used their Satin Nickel paint to cover our (ugly) gold door hardware. The painted worked well, although I should have removed them completely because Avery touched them before they dried and messed them up. Oh well, I’ll fix that someday…



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