Dora The Explorer Birthday Party

My daughter turns five this week.  Where does the time go? The other night, I was holding her in my arms and having a hard time believing that she was once a small little baby (not that small – 8lbs. 13oz.).  My husband yells out the word “Freeze!” to the kids, which is his way of saying, “Stop growing!”.  

This year we have chosen to take our kids to Disneyland instead of having birthday parties for them. Don’t get me wrong, I love to host a good shinding, but Disneyland sounds more fun, less work, and a wonderful day of making memories with my family! Can’t beat that!

I decided to share some of the things that I did for her birthday last year. She chose a Dora The Explorer party theme.  And what girl doesn’t love Dora?

Although I make cupcakes for the kid’s parties, I still love to make them a small little cake too.  I put that on my top tier of my cake stand and put the candle on it! 

I really enjoy making cake pops.  Sometimes they are a little more complex than others.  For this party, I made Dora cake pop heads.  It was a challenge and they didn’t turn out the way I might have hoped but they tasted just as good, maybe even better than normal, as I used peanut butter melts to make her heads.  I displayed them in my trusty tin bucket from IKEA.  I change out the ribbon for every occasion.  

For games and things to do, I put together a little scavenger hunt in the yard with items on paper and taped them around the yard.  It was easy and gave the kids something to do.  I found them here.  These also act as coloring pages too.

On each of the tables I put crayons in a colorful cup and printed out some great coloring pages of Dora and her buddies.   You can find them here.

And in keeping with the Mexican theme, we had a Dora Pinata – a must have at a Mexican themed birthday party, right?  Smash the Dora, get the candy.  What kid doesn’t love that?  “Mom and Dad willingly gave me a stick to hit something with.  I’m in!”

Here are some great food items that were a hit with the group!  

Added some colorful toothpick straws to rolled Taquitos.

What kid doesn’t like bread and cheese?  We served Quesadillas.  Adults loved them too!

Avoided “Double Dipping” by giving everyone their own layered dip cup.  

Added some fun to your plain ole water with these Dora Water Bottle Labels.

Overall, the party was a hit!  But honestly, post your child’s favorite character all over the house, and why wouldn’t it be?  Part of the reason I like to make my own printables is for two reasons, I usually can’t find what I’m looking for in a store or online, and it gives the event a little more personality and originality!  

If you’d like your own set of Dora Party Printables, you can instantly download most all of the printables below now!!!  The invitation, the banner, and cupcake toppers will all be personalized after check out!  

The Dora Party Printables offered are:  

1) 5×7 Invitation (includes personalization)

2) Dora Theme Colored Straw or Food Flags

3) Cupcake Toppers (includes personalization)

4) “Happy Birthday” Banner (includes personalization) and Dora and friends graphics

5) Dora Water Bottle Labels

6) “Thank You” Tags

7) Dora 4×6 “Thank You” note cards 

Dora 5×7 Invitation (includes personalization)

DIY Dora The Explorer Themed Birthday Party - 5x7 Printable Invitation


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 Dora Color Theme Straw/Food Flags

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Dora “Happy Birthday” Banner (includes personalization)



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Dora Water Bottle Labels



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Dora “Thank You” Favor Tags

DIY Dora The Explorer Themed Birthday Party - Printable Thank You/Favor Tags - Instant Download



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Dora “Thank You” Notes



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You can’t go wrong with this party!  If you have a young daughter, I’m pretty sure she loves Dora and her friends!  You’ll be making your little lady one happy girl with this party!  If you have another idea for a party, other than Dora The Explorer,  any or all of these items can be customized to meet your needs.  Email us at  Or if you’re not a Do-It-Yourselfer, and live in the San Diego area, we can set this party up for you.  Just drop us a line and we will make it happen! 




P.S. For those of us who love to entertain and create a beautiful home, we are often inspired by ideas online, yet implementation is time-consuming. Though we hope to encourage you to try things on your own, we understand that sometimes you don’t have the time, and we would love to help. As full-service creative lifestyle designers, Simply Tangerine specializes in designing beautiful living spaces, sourcing or refinishing furniture, planning special events, and creating menus to meet personal dietary needs. We will discuss your needs, assess your situation and put together unique ideas to make your room décor, furniture, event, or menu exceed your expectations. We would love to bring a Simply Tangerine twist to your home or event. Please contact us anytime!



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