A Horse Themed Birthday Party

As mentioned in my Dora The Explorer Birthday Party post, we decided this year we were going to forgo the birthday parties and take the kids to Disneyland instead.  So, I thought I would share some of what we did for my youngest daughter’s party last year.  She was really into horses then, so I opted to do a horse themed party!  Here is some of the get up from the party.  Maybe some of these ideas will come in handy for your next rodeo!  

I didn’t go bananas in decorating for this party.  But kept it simple with some horses around the house.  We had a rocking horse that isn’t featured here.  I also picked up a stick horse too!

This is the best place in my home for banners.  It’s close to the front door and the arch really makes it pop!   

 I always make my kids a special cake to add to the top of the cupcake tower.  It’s the one thing I get to decorate a little different just for them!  This time I added pink sugar and topped it with two horse figures!

I added some fun to the cupcakes with this variety of cupcake toppers that I made.  

 After she blew out the candles, we watched her have fun playing with the horses!

Then it was time to open some gifts.  She got this miniature horse from her grandparents!  Next to a real horse, what more could a little girl ask for?  And mom didn’t have to clean up the poop!

Then we said “Thank You” to our guests with brown lunch bags filled with mini toy horses and some sweet treats! 

It was a great day!

If you’d like some of these party printables for you next shindig, please visit our shop.  





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