Beach Cottage Inspired Painted Furniture

As a child or an adult, I have either lived in New York or California, and I’ve always lived somewhat close to the ocean. I love the beach and I adore the beach cottage shabby chic look of whites, blues, shells, and driftwood.  I love the task of collecting shells on the beach and bringing them home, especially from distant places.  I learned that from my mother at a very early age!  She has an enormous collection of shells that I hope to inherit one day!

One of the first pieces of furniture I bought when I was single and living on my own was an unfinished pine Armoire and side table.  When we moved into our home, I decided that I needed one room that allowed me to have that beach cottage feeling.  It’s not nearly what I’d like it to be, but with subtle touches here and there, it at least lets me think I have a beach cottage for a moment in time!  This room serves as the kids playroom, so it’s really cluttered with a lot of toys, but I have tried to make the decor somewhat beach cottage and have extended that into the neighboring bathroom as well.  

I’ve wanted to paint theses pieces for some time, but just didn’t have the courage.  But when I learned about chalk paint, and just how easy it is to use, I decided to try painting the small table as a test run.  I had some Benjamin Moore paint samples that my mother in-law had given me a while back.  So, I decided to use one of the samples in my experiment of making my own chalk paint.  

Here’s the piece of furniture before I painted it!

 And here it is after!

 It’s a lightish blue and I dry brushed a creamy white color over it to give it more dimension. 



Here are some of the other things I added to the room for a beach theme.

These photos I printed on copy paper with my printer and made my own canvas wraps!  

When we were making the move into our home, my husband actually suggested we get rid of the armoire.  What? It was the perfect piece to fill in the open closet space we had in our playroom loft. It houses a TV, DVD player, DVD’s and more. I don’t know if he thought that one through very well before suggesting that, but there was no way I was getting rid of that piece.  I had a plan for it!  

Here’s the Armoire.   Since it’s so heavy, I can probably paint this right where it is!  That’s one of the many beauties of chalk paint.  

Stay tuned for the final result.  That might be coming a little later down the road, but you will see it painted in the near future!









P.S. For those of us who love a beautiful home, we know how easy it is to be inspired by ideas online, and the positive feelings a great ambiance brings, and also know too well that implementation of these ideas can be intimidating, confusing, and time-consuming. Though we hope to encourage you to try things on your own, we understand that sometimes you need a push in the right direction and we would love to help. As Home Decor Coaches, we specialize in designing beautiful living spaces and helping you see new opportunity in the pieces you already own, including furniture painting services. We will discuss your needs, assess your situation and put together unique ideas to make your living spaces exceed your expectations. We would love to bring a Simply Tangerine twist to your home. Please contact us anytime!

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