Finally Updated: Antique Thomasville Dining Table and Chairs Chalk Paint Redo

Back in January of 2014, I posted some photos of this Thomasville Dining Table that we picked up at the Salvation Army.  You can see where I wrote about it here: Updating a 1962 Thomasville Dining Table and Chairs.  I apologize for not posting some after photos of it, but it took us a lot longer to finish it then we thought it would because the day after we purchased it, I found out that I was pregnant, and then shortly after that, Dawn found out that she was pregnant too!!!  If you’ve ever been pregnant, then you know what that does to you, especially in the early stages.  It took us some time to finish it, mainly due to fatigue.   However, I think it was worth the wait.  

As you might recall when we got her, she looked like this: 


And we were hoping to do something like this with it!

This was our first experience with chalk paint.  So, there was a bit of learning curve, and it seems that when we do something for the very first time, we always run into some road blocks!  I’m sure you can relate, especially if you’re a DIYer!  But after a little  of this, and a little of that, it finally came together.  


Here she is:



The goal when this set was purchased was to redo it and sell it.  However, it sat in my garage and then once the baby arrived, I knew I had to make a decision about what to do with it.  I decided to sell my husband’s grandparents teak table and keep this one.  This one was more of my style and I really loved it. Ironically, the hutch in the back is a match to the teak table, but I think it goes well with this table too.    

I’ve tried to find new ways to decorate the table top.  It certainly doesn’t look great in this photo.  I have different pieces that I’ve changed out, but I’m still looking for just the right piece/s to sit in the center.  I know they’re out there waiting for me to find them.

Sometimes I catch myself just standing at the top of the stairs admiring the table.  I really love it!  

Do you have any great thrift store finds that you’ve redone and are also loving?  Tell us about them!


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