Christine’s Oops Girl Scout Thin Mint Birthday Cake

My husband loves Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, but he’s not a big fan of sweets.  However, for his birthday, the kids and I wanted to make him a cake for his birthday.  I wanted it to appeal to him.  He usually loves Strawberry Shortcake, but I wanted to do something different.  And with too many boxes of Girl Scout cookies on hand, I figured I could do something different with those and get them out of my home once and for all.  Enter: the Girl Scout Thin Mint Birthday Cake.

Since I knew he’d be eating less of it and I’d be eating most of it, I catered to myself by making a Gluten Free cake.  And I thought I was one lucky lady when I found that Betty Crocker makes boxed G free cake mix.  Hello!  However, when I got it home I realized that I wasn’t as lucky as I had thought.  The recipe called for 1 stick of butter, and butter doesn’t really seem to agree with me, but I made it regardless.  In retrospect, it was probably a good thing, because it meant that I ate much less of it and my husband had the “polite” one piece, but didn’t touch it again.  Believe it or not, as good as it was, I threw it away (pat on the back)!  I wanted nothing to do with heartburn or jiggly thighs.  And my trip to Maui was just right around the corner!  : )

While the cakes were cooling, I went on to do other things.  When I returned to the kitchen, I found that a little mouse (my 4 year old) had gotten a hold of this sucker.  Enter: Problem #1 when making a stacked cake, you probably need it to be flat.

In the meantime I blended the cookies in my Vitamix.  I didn’t want them too fine, but this thing is powerful, so be careful and keep an eye on them.

Then I went on to make the cake, and sliced them through the center to make easy for stacking.  At least this was my intention.  This cake was thicker then most – could be G free ingredients, or the butter, but whatever it was, it started falling apart as I began to cut it.  Enter: Problem#2 (need I say more).  There wasn’t enough Cool Whip to piece this puppy back to life!

The time was ticking and my husband would soon be arriving home from work, so I forged on and slapped this baby together.  At this point, I knew it would be no masterpiece.

It’s go time:

Layer 1: Cake

Layer 2: Lite Cool Whip (I never use imitation cream – this stuff is the best!)

Layer 3:  Girl Scout Thin Mint crumbs

Repeat till complete and then top with chocolate syrup!

Sing “Happy Birthday” and then devour!  Or throw it away!!!



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