Get The Party Started With Margarita Nights Printables

 Looking for a little fun this weekend? Can’t make it to Mexico for a quick get away? Throw a Margarita Party!  Here are some great printables!  Be be sure to check out our Margarita Nights post for some more great party ideas!

Margarita Nights Invitation


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 Drink Straw Flags

Don’t you hate losing your drink to the person next to you?  We do!  Here’s a great way to identify your’s from their’s.  A straw flag!  Salted or Not Salted, Frozen or On The Rocks, or a little of both!!!

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Food Cards  

 Add a pop of color to your food table and keep your guests from guessing what you are serving with these adorable food cards.  (Tortillas, Carne Asada, Tacos, Quesadillas, Salsa, Guacamole, Salt, and Lime included.)  

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 The Oh So Yummy Caddy Recipe Card Party Favor  

Want to give your guests something other than a headache to take home?  Use this recipe to make the perfect margarita for the party and then give this cute recipe card as the perfect parting gift!  We promise, your guests will be asking for this recipe.   When they ask, you can just hand them one of these!  Add a mini cocktail shaker and colored salt to the mix and you have an extra special partying gift!    

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The Complete Party Package

Get all of the Margarita Nights Printables!

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