A DIY Tip Everyone Needs To Know – How To Find A Stud

Have you ever wanted to hang something heavy on your wall and knew you were in the vicinity of a stud, but could not find the darn thing – even though you know they are all supposed to be 16 inches apart.


Says the stud God, laughing at your plans.

Well, guess no more my friends! I learned of a great solution that costs much, much, much less than those expensive stud finders thanks to one of my favorite sites – Houzz – and I had to share.

(Did you know Christine’s patio was featured on Houzz? If you haven’t seen it, you need to check it out!)

Anyway, I was in the predicament of trying to find a stud this weekend, when I attempted to hang this sign I made for my kid’s toy closet using plywood leftover from the All Star Scoreboard I made for my son. 















I measured out sixteen inches and drilled my hole, but felt that empty feeling you get when your drill bit reaches air once through the drywall. I don’t own a stud finder and instead of rolling the dice and drilling more holes with hopes of hitting the jackpot, I Googled “DIY stud finder”, and voila I found this great tip from Houzz – use a magnet!

You wrap a magnet in some tape and then drag it along the wall until it sticks. Once it does you know you have found a stud. Genius!


Happy DIYing! Anyone have any other great tips? Please share them in the comments below!

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P.S. For those of us who love a beautiful home, we know how easy it is to be inspired by ideas online, and the positive feelings a great ambiance brings, and also know too well that implementation of these ideas can be intimidating, confusing, and time-consuming. Though we hope to encourage you to try things on your own, we understand that sometimes you need a push in the right direction and we would love to help. As Home Decor Coaches, we specialize in designing beautiful living spaces and helping you see new opportunity in the pieces you already own, including furniture painting services. We will discuss your needs, assess your situation and put together unique ideas to make your living spaces exceed your expectations. We would love to bring a Simply Tangerine twist to your home. Please contact us anytime!

A Quick and Easy Headboard – The Perfect Weekend Project!

This is from a post I did back when I was blogging at  But I wanted to share it with you here since most of you probably missed it and since I feel that it is such a simple project that most of you can do TODAY if you really wanted to.  It’s a really simple weekend project.  Hit up a tag sale, or stop by a thrift store and see what you can find.  

This isn’t my first headboard. I’ve stripped and stained one. I redid my in-laws 80-Something peach fabric covered one and changed it’s look. And this one was for my guest room/craft room/man cave/office.  Even though this room probably didn’t need a headboard because of it’s function, I just couldn’t stand looking at the bare wall.  

plane wall

My mother in-law had redone her bathrooms and brought me this beautiful chenille green fabric that she was using as a shower curtain.  When she brought it over, I thought, “What am I going to do with this?” And I almost gave it away.  But she knew me, and knew just what I do, so she brought it my way, and I put it away until this headboard idea came about.  I realized it was a perfect fit and it found a good home! So, I began browsing the internet to find out how I could make one without ply wood and a saw. I found the idea of using a painter’s canvas from A Soft Place. I had a painter’s canvas already from another project that I hadn’t started yet, but it was just too short for the bed.

While on my way to Michael’s to get something for another project, instead of going straight through the traffic light, I went left, and found myself at the Salvation Army! Sign outside read “HUGE SALE TODAY!” Hello?  3 O’clock in the afternoon, with two kids in tow, I found myself rummaging at the thrift store. Which by the way, I love to do, so it wasn’t torture by any means! I asked the clerk while I browsed around, “When you say, “Huge Sale” what does that mean?” “Everything in the store is half off today,” the nice clerk replied! “What? It’s my lucky day, and I’ve hit the jackpot,” I thought.

In the way back of the store in the furniture section leaning up against the wall, sat a terribly outdated painted canvas, perfect size, and half off! $15. Sold!  

Here’s what you’ll need:

A painter’s canvas



Staple Gun

D Rings 



A hammer and a screwdriver

This is where I found great instructions on how to make it:  A Soft Place.  I suggest following her instructions since she did such a great job at explaining it.  It was really simple, it was just nice to get a visual from someone else on exactly what to do.  

To hang the headboard, you will need to measure where you want the top of the canvas to be, then measure down from there and that’s where you’ll place the D-Rings.  But you’ll need to make sure that there is wood in that spot on the canvas.   If this doesn’t work, you could always add a zigzag frame hook at the top of the frame on each side and hang it from there.  


I wanted to tuft the headboard but the buttons wouldn’t take the chenille fabric because it was too thick.  I could use larger buttons, but it’s good enough for me!

The cost of this headboard about $40.   A bed with a headboard – priceless!

Keep in mind, if you’re not the crafty type, but like to save a dollar, like we do, then Dawn and I can help you by bringing these creative ideas right into your home!  

Have a happy weekend!



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