Happy New Year

Hello and Happy New Year!  We hope you’ve stayed with us through the little break that we’ve taken away from blogging regularly. And if you have, we truly appreciate your loyalty! The last year and a half has been a time of discovery not only as individuals, but for our business as well. We love everything we do here at Simply Tangerine and we hope we’ve helped you realize your creative potential and inspired you to give your own projects unique twists!

Although crafting, cooking, entertaining, and DIYing will always be at the core of who we are, we have decided to indulge in our love for design by focusing on the Home Décor Coaching side of our business. During our blogging journey, not only did we discover that we have an unquenchable desire to help other people redesign their spaces, but it was also the area that you repeatedly ask for our help and feedback in. Because of this, it become apparent that our gift of being able to walk into a room, see it’s true potential, and create a dream space needed to be our primary focus.

You may not be familiar with the Home Decor Coaching side of our business and you may be asking yourself, what is a Home Décor Coach? Essentially, we take your existing furnishings and accessories and we redesign your spaces to make them look the best they can. We know that it’s not always easy to see that potential on your own and sometimes you need another person’s eye. We know, because we too are challenged with that in our own homes. It’s human nature to get used to what things look like and it can be hard to step outside of our comfort zones to try something new. Sometimes simply moving a piece, painting it a different color, or adding new throw pillows or bedding can give a room the breath of fresh air it desperately needs. We will coach you through the process and leave you with the confidence you need to continue redesigning your spaces well after we leave. Sometimes, we’ll make suggestions of items you might want to invest in, such as an area rug, accessories, or a piece of artwork. But, for the most part, we’re just helping you restyle your living areas and leaving you with the spaces you’ve always dreamed of, for a minimal cost!  

 Rooms Brought To Life


In addition to focusing on Home Decor Coaching, we’re also expanding into the Home Staging side of design. If you are selling or buying a home, we can help you de-clutter and style your home to make it more desirable to the buyer’s eye!  A properly staged home can help increase the selling price and get your home sold more quickly. And again, we will do all of this with what you already have. Once you’ve purchased your new home, we’ll get you out of those boxes faster; taking what you have and helping you make it work in your new space.  

Lastly, if you have furniture that you’ve inherited, or a piece that you’re simply just tired of, but don’t have the heart to get rid of it, and you’d like to update it, we’re your gals!  We’d love to bring your pieces up to date and give them a fresh twist!  We’ll work together with you to come up with just the right look with a fresh coat of paint!   Please contact us for a custom quote!  See below a sample of just some of the pieces that we’ve added our own special twist to!

Painted Furniture Projects

We will continue to post to the blog periodically, especially,  of the fun Before and After’s, so please be sure to subscribe so you never miss a twist!

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous new year!


Nightcap Anyone?

Every year for the past 9 years our girlfriends get together for a “White Elephant Gift Exchange” – we each bring something to eat, a bottle of wine, and a gift to exchange. Needless to say, every year it is a blast! (I can’t believe we have kept the tradition going for 9 years – time flies when you are having fun!)

This year, I had my heart set on bringing wine or cocktail glasses embellished with festive metallic touches. (I’m not sure why, it was just what I envisioned giving.) Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I could not find exactly what I had in mind, so I decided I would take a shot at making some on my own. Ready to hear about my adventure?
























Ok, let the fun begin!

First, I needed to find the right glasses and of course I found some gorgeous ones at my favorite store: Homegoods. They were a perfect versatile combination of a stemless wine glass and a low-ball glass. At first, I thought they weren’t going to work because there were only three on the shelf and my plan was to give four glasses along with a bottle of wine. However, I was in love, and determined, so the trio rattled around in my cart as I hunted for their long lost sister.

I circled and circled the store with an eagle sharp eye, but came up empty handed. After several laps, I pushed my cart back to the shelf where I originally found the glasses, about to accept defeat, when I saw that four more had magically appeared in the empty space on the shelf. It was meant to be! I could not believe my luck and even tracked down the employee who had checked in the back of the store for more to share my victory. (I doubt she really cared, but I was excited and needed to share with someone!) Now I had four to give away and three to use as test glasses (err, three to keep for myself – the glasses are perfect for wine, Bailey’s, or any other cocktail of your choice).

Next, I used Google to determine what kind of paint to use on the glasses and came across a great post by Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange where shared her success using Testors Model Enamel Paint – thanks Cyndy! I knew I wanted to mix metallic colors, so I picked up some gold and silver from the craft store.

Lastly, I wiped the glasses down with some rubbing alcohol to ensure I had a clean surface and got to painting. Using a firm, small tipped paint brush I simply dotted paint on the bottom half of the glasses to create a confetti look. I first dotted gold paint, then I dotted silver, then I dotted a little more gold, and then a little more silver. I just dotted away until my heart was content and I was satisfied with the result.

Simple, easy, and fun! The best part about this project was the versatility – you could paint any glasses, in any color, and in any design your heart desires. What a great way to spice up those boring glasses sitting in the back of your cabinet that you never use anymore!



Are you giving any handmade gifts this year? If so, I would love to hear about them!

Wishing you holiday cheer,






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