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Mini Monogrammed Apple Pies – Just In Time For Thanksgiving!

What’s the most common dessert you’ll find at a Thanksgiving feast?  Apple pie, of course!  No feast would be complete without it!  But let’s be honest, who has any room to enjoy it when you’ve already been stuffed like a turkey?  That’s why last year, these little mini desserts were just the right size.  I decided to add some fun and personalize them so no one felt like they had to eat more than they really wanted to.  Sure, there were some that passed on their’s and didn’t eat any, so that freed up some extra’s for those that truly wanted to overindulge.

These are simple to make, but just require a little extra work, but they can be done in no time and you’ll definitely want to incorporate the kids.  

We have an apple tree – which cracks me up.  We live in a huge community, with a small backyard, but we have an apple tree.  It was a pleasant surprise the year we moved in.  We used these apples to make the pies!

Here’s the recipe that I found to make these little pies (no need to re-invent the wheel).  :

For the letter monogramming you’ll need:

Additional Pillsbury Pie Crusts

A knife or something sharp to carve out letters

NOTE:  At first I thought that to monogram you’d need cookies cutters, but if you know how to write, this is pretty darn easy.  Just make bubble letters by carving them out of your dough with a knife.  You will want to knead and roll the dough and make it slightly thicker so you have some thickness to the letter.  Carve until you have the letters you need! 

Now bake!

 Wa la, you’re done! 

  To use this recipe for Christmas, add some extras and use your Christmas tree cookie cutters!

  I hope you have fun with these!  

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


Christine-with-slice     show-some-love-with-arrow

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