A Love Letter To Fall

My Dearest Autumn,

Oh, how I have missed you so! It’s been a long, hot summer and I have eagerly been awaiting your return. It has officially been fall for almost a week now, but it was just yesterday that I truly noticed your presence. The air was marked with a cool crispness that did not exist the day before, there were leaves on the ground for the first time, and it just felt different.

Thoughts of getting the boxes filled with fall décor out of the attic and decorating the house with pumpkins, gourds, and all things autumn played on repeat in my mind all day. I longed to stockpile pumpkin butter from Trader Joes, to snuggle by the fire, and to cozy up with sweaters, scarves, and boots. However, I feared that you would sneak away in the night and because of this, did not give into my urge to decorate for fall.

Alas, my fears proved true and as temperatures shot back up into the high 80’s today, my heart broke. Nevertheless, I was happy you were here, even if it was only for a flicker in time. Enclosed are photos of some of our times together – I will cling to memories of years past to get me through this seemingly endless summer.

Do you remember the fall tables we set with No-Sew Burlap Table Runners
























Or how about when we decorated pumpkins with Monogrammed Burlap and created Mercury Glass Pumpkins with paint?

Do you recall some of the autumn desserts we made? Such sweet memories for me! 

Pumpkin Cool Whip Treats, Pumpkin Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting, and Fun Halloween Chocolate Dipped Treats! Oh, my! 

Autumn, please come back soon, and stick around for a while. I will embrace you with open arms.

Forever yours,





Calling All My Girls…Bethenny Frankel Show Recap

As mentioned in our last post, we won a trip to the Bethenny Frankel show and launch party in New York City!  Our trip started very early on a Thursday morning.  We had a quick and smooth flight, landed in New York, and grabbed a car into the city.  We were blessed with a very comical driver from Haiti.  Luckily, he knew all of the short cuts and side streets that helped us avoid the rush hour traffic into the city.  He was very happy to stop for us so we could pick up a cold bottle of bubbly to kick off our trip!  The afternoon in New York was gorgeous!  And the weather throughout the trip was amazing!

We arrived at the W in Times Square. We quickly freshened up before meeting my sister and friend for drinks and a bite to eat.  While looking for just the spot on Restaurant Row, we ran into the filming of HBO’s Girls. 

Up at 6:00AM on Friday morning to get ready for the show.  We arrived down at the lobby for our transportation.  At that point, we learned that there were many, many winners.  And we were surprised at the size of the contest.  There were many contests that had gone on around the country, ours was the online contest where 9 winners and a friend would be chosen.  But Bethenny had done a tour around the country over the summer and she granted trips to people from those tours as well.  What a treat for so many people!

We decided to bring Bethenny a hostess gift.  Dawn made her famous and insanely delicious gluten free, soy free, and dairy free carrot cakes and Christine, her gluten free, soy free, and dairy free lemon poppy seed cakes. We lugged those puppies across the country in hopes to get them to her.  

The night before, Christine’s sister, who met us in the city for a visit, worked the heck out of this bow making it just right for Bethenny (thanks, Marie)!  When we had to go through security, we looked at each other and got nervous.  Luckily, we didn’t have to open it! Phew!   

After the show, we grabbed a bite to eat, and headed back to our hotel room for a quick nap – and we mean quick!  It was off to the cocktail party to meet Bethenny!

In the entrance of the event, these words were projected on the wall – they’ll be the contents of the show! 

Of course, it was a fully stocked Skinnygirl Cocktails bar!!!

Bethenny entered the party surrounded by an entourage of good looking men and women all dressed in her theme color – hot pink!  They were playing her theme song, which turned out to be the theme of her tour – “Calling All My Girls”.  It’s a catchy one!  We’re still singing it.  The old school entertainment was Salt N’ Peppa!  HELLO!? They were great!

We were so honored to have the chance to meet Bethenny!  She was extremely friendly and just as you’d imagine her to be!   Christine was telling her everything she needed to (her mouth is moving – as usual)!

Before the night ended, we had the chance to say a “thank you” and give Bethenny a hug.  Then we went back to our hotel room and ate left over cold pizza and calzone, rented an extremely predictable love story,  and hit the hay!  It had been a very, very long day!

The next day, we finished our stay in the city off with a visit to Central Park and New York’s Fashion week.  


Thank you to those who joined us on this amazing and fun journey!  We enjoyed your company.  The show that we attended will be airing tomorrow, Monday, September 16, 2013.  We hope you’ll watch it!  




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